How to Pick Better Wood Flooring Options

It was that time. I was trying to put it off by using throw rugs creatively. I even added a couple of runners, but there was no getting around it. The time had come for us to get new Kahrs wood flooring. It comes in so many colors and styles that you can make your house unique even if all of your neighbors also have Kahrs. You cannot do that with too many wood flooring manufacturers. Plus, we would have the benefit of having a well known brand installed on our floors. This is important because Kahrs also offers a 30 year warranty. That is a long time for any sort of flooring to hold up under even light use.

We were hoping to do all of our floors in a nice light shade of gray with a nice woodgrain pattern that would accentuate the decor we already have. With the color palettes being what they were for Kahrs wood flooring, we had a lot to choose from. I see blacks, reds, grays and more in the choices Kahrs has available. You can pick from light or dark tones. There are the patterns of standard woodgrains and colors too. When I looked at the selection, it seemed more like what you would find in a carpet store rather than a wood flooring provider.

We wanted something in wider planks because our rooms are big. We also wanted something that could be wet or dry mopped. I did not want any flooring that would be curling up at the edges after a couple of years of wet mopping it. You can’t be too careful when it comes to wood flooring. Stick with the best manufacturer and pick the color and style that you want. Avoid the bargain centers selling you patterns and types of wood flooring from a couple of years ago too.

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