I Ran into Some Good Luck

We came into some extra money in sort of a flukey way. I was traveling and one night the only place I could find to stay was a casino, one of the ones run by a tribal company. At any rate I stumbled into a poker game and there were several guys who were playing really reckless. I did nothing particularly special, I just played the way they teach you to play properly. At any it was enough money to get one of the best adjustable beds, the sort which has one of those high tech mattresses and which allows both of us to adjust the bed to the way that we want it to be. It was a big deal to us, because we had a really old mattress that should have been replaced a couple of years ago. At any rate it was really heavy and they say that is because it is full of dead skin cells and that sort of thing.

The money was a godsend to us, but I sort of felt bad for the guys who lost the money. I could tell that they knew how to play, but they all seemed to be acting like they did not care about it. I needed the money, so I kept playing and I did not get lucky in any way. In fact my cards were never really that great, but I could tell that they were holding nothing for the most part. It is a great thing for me, because we had been putting aside a bit of money for a new bed and this really took a lot of pressure off of us. We spent a long time saving up the money for the house and once we had it there were lots of other things we needed.

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