4 of the Latest Trends in the Kitchen Appliance World

The kitchen is one of the fastest evolving places within the home. There are all sorts of new trends in kitchen appliances coming in, some old and some new, and one of them is going back to eco-friendly granite for counter tops. In this modern world of “green,” that trend may never go out of style.

But when it comes to trends in appliances, the word “smart” is the latest watch word, and virtually everything in the kitchen is going smart. Let’s take a look at the four of the new trends in kitchen appliances.

Smart Refrigerators

In most kitchens, the largest appliance in the room is the refrigerator. It usually takes up the most space and just sits there doing nothing but keeping your food and beverages chilled.

The newest in the refrigerator world is a smart fridge, that is computer controlled, has a calendar, a video screen, an electronic note board, and can be controlled manually or remotely by your smartphone. It even has speakers so you can stream your favorite music directly into the kitchen.

With a smart fridge, everything you used to do with magnets, sticky notes, tack boards and markers, you can now do electronically on your refrigerator.


From slow cookers to coffee makers and other small appliances, WeMo remote control lets you turn on/turn off and monitor your kitchen from your smartphone.

WeMo remote control is showing up in more kitchen appliances, with the availability to install WeMo remote electrical sockets to monitor and control your entire home by remote control.

But the kitchen is where it is making its biggest impact. You can start cooking at the exact time you want just by pushing a button on your smartphone. No guessing, no timers, you have total and complete control.

You can tell how far along the process is going, whether or not your food will be done on time, the temperature setting, and it is almost like being there next to your appliance.

More and more makers are going to WeMo, and this is going to be one of the largest trends you’ll ever see.

Going Retro

This is happening in two different ways, and it is becoming one of the largest trends in household appliances.

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Firstly, all of those older kitchen appliances like grills, sandwich makers, mixers, toasters and such, they were all made to last. You can readily find them at thrift stores for a bargain, and they work as good now as they used to. (Shopping at thrift stores is another huge trend all by itself.)

The thing about retro appliances is that they don’t use as much electricity as turning on your stove. For example, a classic electric dutch oven, with cover, can make an entire dinner in about 40 minutes while using only half of the power of a stove or oven. And in these energy conscious times, that makes a lot of sense.

Secondly, big time manufacturers are beginning to catch onto this trend and are actually designing new products to resemble the old ones! Whether or not they have the same lifespan is questionable, but the point is that going retro has become such a huge business trend, that companies are taking notice and making appliances that mimic those of old.

White and Gray

Of course, you can’t mention appliances unless you mention color, and the latest trend is going back to whites and grays.

It used to be that every kitchen was colored white or gray because it made them look smarter and cleaner. That all changed in the 80’s, when blacks, reds, blues, and other colors made an appearance.

Well, kitchen colors have now come full circle, and whites and grays are back in the forefront of modern kitchen design. And when you think about it, isn’t that the way it should be?

Trends of the Future

Although no one can accurately predict the new trends in kitchen appliances for the future, it is probably safe to say that smarter electronics will rule, while some things like granite counter tops will never go out of style.

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