6 Tips for Seasonal Decorating

6 Tips for Seasonal Decorating

While you can’t purchase entirely new furniture for your house every season, there are several things you can do to make spruce up your house for each individual season. In fact, it’s actually a lot easier than you probably think. Check out these tips to give your house a fresh look with each season change.

Keep Your Furniture Neutral

Because you won’t be changing out bigger, more expensive pieces of furniture, the things you choose when shopping for furniture online through retailers such as Boyles.com, should be neutral in color. Consider earth tones, black, and white pieces of furniture because these will work well with any type of seasonal decor you choose. Also, wood and glass are both excellent options for tables, and if you choose large mirrors for your home, make sure the frames aren’t elaborate.

Choosing Rugs

With rugs, you have two options. For large area rugs that are more expensive, consider keeping them neutral as well. Remember, when you’re decorating for spring, the colors in your seasonal decor will be bright and cheerful, while fall and winter decor typically has more muted hues, so large rugs need to work well with both. For smaller kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs, and doormats choose seasonal options. These are less expensive to purchase, so changing them out with the season is a great idea. If you don’t want to change them out with every season, consider choosing a bright blue or yellow for spring and summer and a deep red or green for fall and winter.

Paint and Wallpaper Colors

If you plan to paint or wallpaper your walls, you should also choose neutral shades. Your walls are a huge part of your home, so you want them to complement any seasonal decor you choose. Consider gray, white, beige, and off-white — all are good neutral options.

Seasonal Decor Options to Consider

There are several items in your home that are easily changed out depending on the season. It’s wise to choose cheaper items that are still made well. This way, you can store your seasonal decor away each year and add to it slowly — you don’t need to purchase new items each and every season. Some of the easiest things to change out include:

  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Shower curtains
  • Towels — including bath, hand, and kitchen towels
  • Dishes — plates, cups, and serving bowls
  • Seasonal artwork
  • Flowers
  • Knick-knacks
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Holiday Trees

One thing that’s been growing more popular over the years is keeping Christmas trees up through the winter months. If you have one with white lights, the extra lighting makes up for some of the dreary winter weather outdoors. But you don’t want the tree decorated for the Christmas holiday if you plan to have it up until April. Instead, once the Christmas holidays are over, decorate it with fake snowflakes throughout January. Then, use red, pink, and white decorations for February to transform it into a Valentine’s Day tree. You can use the same concept for St. Patty’s day and Easter too, using green decoration through March and hanging plastic eggs from the tree for Easter. If you want, you could even leave it up year-round and change the decorations for summer and fall. Think about using an array of birds and flowers for summer, orange, burgundy, and plum colors for fall, and then, decorating it as a Halloween or Thanksgiving themed tree for October and November.

Areas of Your Home to Decorate Seasonally

When changing your decor for the seasons, you also need to consider which areas to change. Bathrooms and kitchens are simple because it only requires you to change out the rugs, curtains, shower curtains, and placemats. The bedrooms are also a simple fix. But the rest of your house can be a bit more difficult. Consider decorating any table in your entry, your front porch, and then, only make small changes to the main living area. For most people, this is the largest area of the home, so it makes sense to change out flowers and knick-knacks for a few small changes but leave everything else the same.

Changing up your home for the season is simple, but you need to remember now to go overboard. Make small changes that set the mood instead of a lot of large changes that are hard to manage.


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