Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the world’s second largest selling plastic and best choice of the people who like hardwood flooring. It looks like hardwood flooring but an artificial one. The most important advantage of the vinyl flooring over hardwood flooring is that vinyl flooring is cheap and durable. It is also the top choice of many large industries including health care, communication, aerospace and most important house flooring. Survey reveals that the production of vinyl flooring increased by 6.1% during 2011-2012. This increase shows the rise in the demand for vinyl flooring. Also export of vinyl flooring increased by 2% during the past year.

Vinyl flooring gives the stylish look to your home as well as offices in your budget. The use of vinyl flooring is increasing day by day in western countries because of the environment. There are many factors that one needs to be kept in mind before buying any kind of flooring. It saves you from bigger problems as well as your money. There are many websites that supply vinyl flooring and also help you to install it in your homes, offices. Those websites also provide the previous customer reviews as well as vinyl plank flooring reviews that help you in making your decisions.

Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

There are many advantages of vinyl flooring over other types of flooring. Most important of them are as follows:


Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring available in the market. Vinyl flooring is hardly susceptible to scratches, bumps and other defects as compared to hardwood flooring. Also, vinyl plank flooring is water resistant, means that it can be installed anywhere like in kitchen, bathroom or basement. And if you want to see waterproof vinyl flooring options click here.

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Cost Factor:

Vinyl flooring looks like hardwood flooring but the only difference is the material and the cost. Vinyl flooring is far cheap as compared to hardwood flooring.


It is the easiest flooring to install in any kind of space. Although if you don’t have any experience of installing it we recommend you to hire an expert for this job.


Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to maintain. You can clean vinyl flooring using a vacuum, cloth or mop. vinyl flooring does not easily stain, which makes it great for homes with small children or pets.


vinyl plank flooring is comfortable underfoot and can be easily installed in high traffic areas.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring


Although vinyl flooring is durable and does not stain easily but vinyl flooring also needs good care to maintain its color and strength.


As you know vinyl flooring is not as solid as the natural wood, a subfloor will need to be installed before vinyl plank flooring.


Vinyl flooring is artificial one made of plastic and needs more care while cleaning because there are certain cleaners and solvents that may damage the floor. Always read the instruction written on the cleaner before using it.

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