All Blinds Are Not the Same

In domestic and commercial applications, the choice of blinds is unsurpassable in terms of function, affordability and aesthetics. Blinds are space saving, sleek, easy to use, enduring window dressing solutions which filter light and offer privacy but allow style and personality to shine through.

Your home needn’t feel like an office, a horizontal slat design may work in the bedroom but not in the lounge and fabric in the kitchen may be out of character so play with the blind choices and relish the creativity.

  • Roller blinds.
  • Roman blinds.
  • Faux wood blinds.
  • Pleated blinds.
  • Vertical blinds.
  • Venetian blinds.
  • Perfect fit blinds.
  • Motorised blinds.

Leading local blinds companies include Smart Blinds who have showrooms in Caversham and Thatcham and boast over 20 years of trading experience, offer free measuring and fitting, a wealth of expertise and quality.

There isn’t a question that specialists can’t answer about blinds and one of the most frequent inquiries is about what each name of blind means; no jargon, no sales pitch and no blinding with science (please excuse the pun.)

Roller blinds: Hugely popular in domestic and commercial settings. Normally comprised of lined fabric, wood or plastic with a top rail and cord, they may be pulled up or down as required. They offer elegance, ease of usage and they are available in a wide variety of colours.

Roman blinds: These are similar to roller blinds but arguably they have an air of luxury with them which lends them to domestic interior design schemes. Instead of a rail they have a pole to wind the material around.

Faux wood blinds: Horizontal slats with a pull cord which also tilts the slats. These hold all the charm of wooden blinds.

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Pleated blinds: This is when the material is formed in to a concertina or pleats with a cord to operate the blind’s drop.

Vertical blinds: These are sometimes called Track Blinds. Vertical slats are attached to one another and hang down. They are available in a range of materials from cloth to faux wood to metal.

Venetian blinds: These feature horizontal slats which are attached to form the blind. Blinds can normally be rotated via a tilt rod to allow light or completely shut it out. A variety of materials can be used for these kinds of blinds.

Perfect fit blinds: These are blinds within frames which fit securely between the window’s glass/UPVC and beading. They become part of the window. They can be produced for almost any size and specification and work even when the window is open.

Motorised blinds: These represent the future of blinds. Minimum effort, maximum functionality and aesthetics. Enjoy these in roller, roman, vertical, venetian and roof blinds.

Operate via an app on a smartphone, a home automation system or remote control. You can control several blinds simultaneously.

A rechargeable battery and charger are provided to charge straight in to the blind.

A full battery charge of 24 hours delivers 5-7 months of operational power.

Child safety is guaranteed.

Make your space your own with exceptional quality unique blinds.

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