When it comes to care for indoor plant ideas, there’s no need to avoid the subject as anyone, green thumb or not, can find the right plant for them that’s beautiful and easy to manage. Plants are a terrific way of adding needed color and texture affordably, and instantly add visual interest in your home. Plus, they are a great way of purifying the air in a room daily. To help you find the right style for you, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers for their takes on the 20 best indoor plant ideas that’ll lend your home a sense of the organic. CALATHEAS Leaves full of impactful texture and a variety of warm hues and easy to care for requirements are what makes calatheas so enduringly popular and viable. POTHOS To clear toxins in the air around you, pothos plants purify air on a regular basis and come in a variety of colors with stunning green tendrils. They are also a great option for hanging plants, basements, attics, and dark areas as they’ll add organic drama in a room while needing little care or maintenance CHINESE EVERGREEN A Chinese evergreen is another great plant that is easy to care for since it thrives in indirect sunlight, making it perfect for corners that don’t bring in tons of natural light, basements, and bathrooms. They grow well in high and low humidity and can survive with artificial light as well. BONSAI TREE Bonsai trees are great for small spaces as they are small in scale. They do require lots of water and sunlight so placing them near a window is essential to keeping them healthy. MINI CACTI Mini cacti make for cute ways to add small kicks of color in any room and are one of the cheapest houseplants available. .. Read more

All Blinds Are Not the Same

In domestic and commercial applications, the choice of blinds is unsurpassable in terms of function, affordability and aesthetics. Blinds are space saving, sleek, easy to use, enduring window dressing solutions which filter light and offer privacy but allow style and personality to shine through. Your home needn’t feel like an office, a horizontal slat design may work in the bedroom but not in the lounge and fabric in the kitchen may be out of character so play with the blind choices and relish the creativity. Roller blinds. Roman blinds. Faux wood blinds. Pleated blinds. Vertical blinds. Venetian blinds. Perfect fit blinds. Motorised blinds. Leading local blinds companies include Smart Blinds who have showrooms in Caversham and Thatcham and boast over 20 years of trading experience, offer free measuring and fitting, a wealth of expertise and quality. There isn’t a question that specialists can’t answer about blinds and one of the most frequent inquiries is about what each name of blind means; no jargon, no sales pitch and no blinding with science (please excuse the pun.) Roller blinds: Hugely popular in domestic and commercial settings. Normally comprised of lined fabric, wood or plastic with a top rail and cord, they may be pulled up or down as required. They offer elegance, ease of usage and they are available in a wide variety of colours. Roman blinds: These are similar to roller blinds but arguably they have an air of luxury with them which lends them to domestic interior design schemes. Instead of a rail they have a pole to wind the material around. Faux wood blinds: Horizontal slats with a pull cord which also tilts the slats. These hold all the charm of wooden blinds. Pleated blinds: This is when the material is formed in to a concertina or pleats with .. Read more

Picking the Right Team For Your Home Remodel

When you are sick and tired of looking at your home in its current state, it is high time for you to take action. Remodeling you home can be the perfect way for you to transform your space into something you can appreciate. Of course, remodeling takes a lot of time and effort. To get the most from the process, you may want to bring in the assistance of experts. Hiring professionals who specialize in various home remodeling services can help you to see improved results in a more practical amount of time. Before you begin, you may want to consider a few different points surrounding the remodel. The team that you hire for the job will make a huge difference in how the whole ordeal shapes out. If you are not positive how to pick the right team, then you need guidance. Look over these tips on how you should be selecting a contractor for your remodeling needs and you will be on your way to making the right choices for your future. Have a Chat Narrowing your selection down to a couple of options is one of the better ways to begin this process. If you have too many choices to wade through, it can overwhelm you and make it more complicated to try and find a good fit. Try and weed out any choices that don’t seem like they will work for your needs. Once you have the list at a reasonable number, start making some phone calls. Speaking directly with contractors can shed light on a lot of important aspects of the remodeling process. Speaking directly with a representative is a useful move to make because it can give you a better impression of what it will be like to work with this team. Having good .. Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the world’s second largest selling plastic and best choice of the people who like hardwood flooring. It looks like hardwood flooring but an artificial one. The most important advantage of the vinyl flooring over hardwood flooring is that vinyl flooring is cheap and durable. It is also the top choice of many large industries including health care, communication, aerospace and most important house flooring. Survey reveals that the production of vinyl flooring increased by 6.1% during 2011-2012. This increase shows the rise in the demand for vinyl flooring. Also export of vinyl flooring increased by 2% during the past year. Vinyl flooring gives the stylish look to your home as well as offices in your budget. The use of vinyl flooring is increasing day by day in western countries because of the environment. There are many factors that one needs to be kept in mind before buying any kind of flooring. It saves you from bigger problems as well as your money. There are many websites that supply vinyl flooring and also help you to install it in your homes, offices. Those websites also provide the previous customer reviews as well as vinyl plank flooring reviews that help you in making your decisions. Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring There are many advantages of vinyl flooring over other types of flooring. Most important of them are as follows: Durability: Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring available in the market. Vinyl flooring is hardly susceptible to scratches, bumps and other defects as compared to hardwood flooring. Also, vinyl plank flooring is water resistant, means that it can be installed anywhere like in kitchen, bathroom or basement. And if you want to see waterproof vinyl flooring options click here. Cost Factor: Vinyl flooring looks .. Read more

Design Trends for Sunrooms in 2017

The sunroom of the home is a place where you can relax while enjoying the warmth of the sun without being in direct sunlight. It’s an old-fashioned concept that’s gained new life thanks to a renewed emphasis on family time. There are numerous ideas for arranging furniture, and companies like Wicker Paradise specialize in working with families on budgets in order to achieve a certain ideal. In this article, you’ll see how to keep up with the trends, while saving money. You’ll learn how replacement cushions can offer you many options, instead of only keeping one theme throughout the room. Mixed wicker furniture sets will be a common theme in 2017. Instead of using chairs, couches and cushions that match, you will find that a theme will be to use lighter and darker colors together to bring a modern look to the room. Brown and cream are good colors that go together with cushions that are bright shades, such as teal or orange. That’s why it’s perfectly acceptable to change your cushions as you see fit. Uncommon color schemes are the new norm, so long as they complement your home and trim coloring. Another common trend is shabby chic, where old or repurposed furniture is used. Cushions are often the key comfort upgrade that tie the whole project together. Making the sunroom look and feel like a living room will be more evident in 2017 than in recent years. Add storage along one wall along with a comfortable couch and chair. When you’re looking for sunroom furniture, you’ll probably see that there are more coffee tables to choose from as well as end tables instead of just the wicker items to play a glass on while you’re sitting on a chair in the room. .. Read more

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