Ceramic Fiber Tape

Because ceramic fiber tape has a low heat storage and does not conduct heat, it is an effective fire resistant material. It is often used in ways that the average person would not notice during daily routines. However, it is ever present and doing its work subtly. Here are some ways that people use this material.

Industrial Protection

In manufacturing plants and businesses that require large furnaces or heaters, this flame-resistant tape probably helps to keep work environments safe. When the material is applied it is usually soft and can be molded to the shape of the different hardware. This means it can be an ideal material for equipment that has complex parts or is oddly shaped. After the ceramic material dries, it hardens, weighs a lot less and keeps its shape. Plants and large manufacturers have used it to make walls in furnaces, to insulate pipes and other structural materials that need protection and to fill in spacing in materials like brick. It has become an important consideration in aircraft, engines, welded materials and pipelines.

Home Construction

Although many homeowners, and some homebuilders, do not think of ceramic materials when it comes to building a house, they could be vital to protecting a home from fires and heat damage. The application of ceramic fiber moves beyond insulation for the walls. It is planned for flooring, roofing, fireplaces, countertops, plumbing and pipes and even the windows in a house. Windows are made with suspended particle device technology, which enables them to control light and heat. Window manufacturers apply a film to the window and distributes drops of liquid suspension to absorb light.

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Ceramic fiber also has some aesthetic appeal when it is not used as a tape application. Because it is durable, it is often used as a bathroom application in bathtubs, toilets and sinks. It gives the surfaces of these fixtures and smooth appearance, and they can be infused with stone and other materials.

Most people never realize they are being protected by ceramic fiber in a building or home. It is usually applied to the inner structure of a home or used during the construction of a building. One of the best benefits is that it can minimize damage or loss in the event of a fire and protect other building materials or personal belongings. In its application state, it is soft and easily adapts to many surfaces. After it is applied, it is strong and can protect for a lifetime.

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