Choosing New Countertops and Cabinets for Your Kitchen Upgrade

Renowned real estate developer Louie Santaguida is a visionary when it comes to beautiful and clean designs, as evidenced in Stanton Renaissance condos in Toronto. One of the key things you can learn from looking at his projects is that the kitchen is one of the most important areas in the home. To be able to boost the esthetics and value of your property, you need to make sure your kitchen looks great.

But there are countless options available if you want to remodel your kitchen and it can get really confusing comparing one design to the next. Plus, this kind of remodeling project is anything but cheap.


To guide you in your renovation, let’s take a closer look at your options for kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Kitchen Cabinets

For many homeowners, the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation is the cabinets. Whether you go for custom-built or stock cabinets, these things will play a big role in your costs.

 Interior Materials for Your Cabinets

Opting for solid wood is very expensive, which explains why many kitchen cabinets today are constructed with a different material and are then covered with laminates or veneers that mimic the look (and even feel) of wood. If you’re on a budget you can use particle board, which is an inexpensive alternative for wood and is also lightweight. If you want something that is a little better than a particle board, then plywood is your best bet. It’s strong, durable and also affordable.

Exterior Materials for Your Cabinet

The exposed surface of your cabinets is what we tend to see all the time and it’s the one part of your cabinet that can really affect the look of your kitchen.

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If you want a wide range of styles, you can consider using laminates. These plastic coatings range from cheap DIY to modern options that can make your kitchen look really stylish and sophisticated. Laminates are inexpensive and are easy to maintain.

For mid-priced doors that look like real wood, you can consider Thermofoil, which is made of flexible vinyl foil placed over a particleboard. This option is perfect for a white and modern kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops

Picking a countertop for your kitchen is just as difficult and confusing as picking cabinets. You can choose from over a dozen materials:

  • Quartz: This is the most durable option; it’s resistant to scratch and stains, and it looks like natural stone.
  • Granite: The unique patterns of granite are really beautiful and this material also resists wear and tear. The only issue is that it can be expensive.
  • Soapstone and Marble: These materials can make any kitchen look really classy but they are also very expensive and you’ll need to re-seal them every year.
  • Tile: If you’re on a budget, tiles are a good option for countertops. They’re cheap and you can replace them easily.

Other choices for countertop materials include laminates, porcelain, concrete and stainless steel.

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