Choosing Patio Lighting for Safety and Decor

When searching for deck and patio lighting, you will be pleased to discover that there are many options from which to choose. It is important to find lighting that is both functional and attractive. Lighting requirements for patios and decks depend on the area’s basic design, as well as its accessories and furnishings. Additionally, such lighting should provide safety for yourself and your visitors, while adding to the overall décor and ambiance of the surrounding area. In certain cases, a variety of lights are needed to appropriately illuminate each section of the deck or patio.

Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Shop for lights that coordinate with your patio’s overall décor or with the color scheme of the deck. Such lighting can be found in different metallic options, such as copper and burnished steel. You can also select decorative lighting such as lanterns, string lights or tiki torches, which can be acquired in a broad range of different colors.

The Use of Light to Accentuate the Landscape

Some homeowners prefer to choose lights that showcase statues, fountains or other features on their property. A popular choice in this category is floating solar lights, most of which are waterproof and can be placed directly in a pond or other body of water. A beautiful landscape can also be enhanced in the evening with floodlights.


Sconces are a timeless, traditional lighting option that will likely never go out of style. Such lights can be positioned on deck railings or walls, steps, or individual posts. Sconces can also be used to outline a patio or deck or to show off a specific statue, plant, fountain or other item on your property.

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The use of tiki torches has increased in popularity over tha past several years. They create a welcoming, fun environment, and many have live flame torches that run on propane, gasoline or oil. Deck lights of this type are usually freestanding, but tiki torches that can be used on a tabletop are also available, and many consumers find them highly convenient. Such lights can be found in a vast array of themes, from medieval to modern designs and of course, classic Japanese tiki torches are available as well.

Comparison Shopping

It is important to comparison shop before making a final decision with regard to deck and patio lighting. Impulse purchases are sometimes regrettable, and therefore it is wiser to compare various designs and styles to narrow down the choices to those that best reflect your personality and that blend well with the overall décor of your home. When the best lights are purchased, it will not only beautify your dwelling, but provide a safer outdoor environment for you and your family and friends.

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