Design Trends for Sunrooms in 2017

The sunroom of the home is a place where you can relax while enjoying the warmth of the sun without being in direct sunlight. It’s an old-fashioned concept that’s gained new life thanks to a renewed emphasis on family time. There are numerous ideas for arranging furniture, and companies like Wicker Paradise specialize in working with families on budgets in order to achieve a certain ideal.


In this article, you’ll see how to keep up with the trends, while saving money. You’ll learn how replacement cushions can offer you many options, instead of only keeping one theme throughout the room.

Mixed wicker furniture sets will be a common theme in 2017. Instead of using chairs, couches and cushions that match, you will find that a theme will be to use lighter and darker colors together to bring a modern look to the room. Brown and cream are good colors that go together with cushions that are bright shades, such as teal or orange.

That’s why it’s perfectly acceptable to change your cushions as you see fit. Uncommon color schemes are the new norm, so long as they complement your home and trim coloring. Another common trend is shabby chic, where old or repurposed furniture is used. Cushions are often the key comfort upgrade that tie the whole project together.

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Making the sunroom look and feel like a living room will be more evident in 2017 than in recent years. Add storage along one wall along with a comfortable couch and chair. When you’re looking for sunroom furniture, you’ll probably see that there are more coffee tables to choose from as well as end tables instead of just the wicker items to play a glass on while you’re sitting on a chair in the room.

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