Fix Brand Name Furniture for Less

The date has been set for your dinner party. You want to impress your guests who just happen to be your new boss and coworkers. So you know you’ll be straightening, cleaning and polishing your home to near perfection in the coming weeks.

However, there’s one problem. Your once lovely, expensive brand name couch, which was in pristine condition, was damaged during your recent move. And it wasn’t minor damage—it was major damage when hubby backed the truck over the cushion.

That damage turned a beautiful, comfortable sofa into an unsightly piece. You don’t want to trash the entire sofa, which is still in otherwise excellent condition. Furthermore, you don’t have the money in the budget right now to buy a new couch. With this advice from The Foam Factory, you’ll have your old couch back to its old self in no time.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend a fortune to restore your couch to its original beauty. Purchase replacement cushions for your sofa. Buy all new cushions, and you’ll ensure that the color matches across the entire expanse of your couch.

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And your new ones will also have the same type of cushion filling, which means they will wear evenly. This adds to the life of your couch while keeping the entire sofa comfy for a long time.

Sofa seat cushions come in an array of sizes, fabrics, colors and patterns, and they’ll allow you to fix a damaged piece of furniture for less than the cost of replacing it with a brand new piece.

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