Great Storage Ideas for Apartment Living

The renters market is huge right now. People would love to own their own home but are often unable to do so due to fluctuations of the economy and the rise in house prices, meaning many of us live in rented apartments for much longer and can even have children and raise a family in much smaller spaces. If you are living in a rented apartment you need to be clever when it comes to storage. Apartments can easily become cluttered and untidy so finding clever storage solutions is essential when you are trying to create and maintain a relaxing home.

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A small bathroom has one huge advantage, it’s much easier to clean. Besides which, who really needs a big bathroom? You don’t actually spend that much time in there. To make the most of the space, use suction cups to secure shelving, rails and hooks to your tiles. Hang your towels or even a laundry bag over the back of your door and keep any non-essentials in other rooms. If you are very short on space you could even get a shower curtain with useful storage pouches built in.


The biggest unused space in your bedroom is under your bed. Many modern beds include added storage but if yours doesn’t, invest in some large plastic drawers you can easily slide in and out. These even come in smaller sizes if you’ve got a lower than usual bed.

Other options in the bedroom include miniature bedside tables, extra wardrobe shelves, ottomans, and hanging jewellery and accessories on the inside of your wardrobe door.


The best way to ensure your small kitchen works for you is to keep it organised. You can install pull out drawers with built in dividers and organisers in your cupboards and add extra shelving above your existing cupboards to help.

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Magnets are your friend when it comes to creating extra storage in your kitchen. Fit magnetic strips to your walls and cupboard doors. Use these magnets to secure knives, pans and other metal utensils.


A small lounge can be incredibly warm and cozy to the point that many people with a larger lounge long for a smaller space and struggle to create the same atmosphere. To make sure you have enough storage in your living area, utilize the space underneath your sofa, invest in a coffee table with shelves, or an ottoman which opens up into a large storage space, and wall mount extra shelves to make the most of the height in the room.


Hallways are massively underused when it comes to storage. But if you live in a small apartment, your hallway probably takes up a lot of essential space. Wall mount a shoe rack, add some thin shelves, coat pegs and even a skinny shelving unit to make the most of this area.

Living in an apartment has many great advantages including cheap rent and great locations. So, don’t let the idea of a lack of storage space put you off. If you are looking for a new home like these apartments in Toronto, Canada start your search today knowing your storage options are in hand.

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