Is Your AC In Good Working Condition?

Is your favorite room, not as comfortable as it was before? Whether it’s a hot, humid day or cold, stormy night, your air conditioning unit could just become your worst nightmare. When it breaks down or isn’t working properly, it could almost feel like the end of the world. Knowing when and how to check your AC unit’s functionality is a useful skill. You can catch and fix problems that could become worse over time. With a standard lifecycle of about 12 years, air conditioning maintenance, once a year, becomes necessary as a preventative measure. Learning to conduct regular maintenance, can make your unit last longer.

Does the air coming from your AC unit reflect the temperature on the thermostat? Is your utility bill extremely high? Are loud or unusual noises coming from your unit? There are some telling ways to determine if your AC is in good working condition.

Check the Obvious

Utility Bill
Check your Bill! If you are paying more than your usual amount on your power bill, your AC unit may be the culprit. This may be the way you even notice that something is wrong. With your AC unit not functioning properly the machine takes more energy to run. This can raise your utility bill by hundreds of dollars!

Is the Fan on? Can you read the monitor? Fans are plugged into a standard outlet, like most household appliances. Sometimes air units can go out due to the cord becoming unplugged due to the outlet being dirty or a power outage.

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Put your hand up to a vent and look at your thermostat. Does the air that is blowing out seem to match the temperature on the thermostat? If this is hard to determine, shut off your AC unit and wait about 5-10 minutes. This should allow for the temperature in the room to rise. Once you feel warmer, turn on your air, full blast, on its coldest setting. If the air blowing out is too warm, your Freon level may be too low or your internal compressor may be damaged.

If there is water coming from your vent, there may be a blockage within your unit. Sometimes a leakage could also mean that there is a tube that has become disconnected. Conducting maintenance on a regular basis should prevent this.

Call Your Maintenance Technician!

Call in the big guns! If you have run through all the troubleshooting steps and your unit is still not functioning, call your air conditioning maintenance technician. The cost of this service is reasonable and can range from about $40-$110. They will bring the necessary tools to run a more in-depth testing of your unit.

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