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Many people make the mistake of thinking that their property won’t fall prey to a pest infestation in the winter because every pest hibernates or dies as the weather gets cooler.

Other property owners have discovered that winter is still an at-risk period. Just as humans do, pests from rodents to cockroaches to wasps, want a warm quiet shelter near to a food source to wait for spring. Woodworm enjoy the higher moisture levels and thrive during this season.

It’s consequently a busy time for pest control companies. When you search for pest control near me specialists, please choose one which has proven it can resolve issues comprehensively. For example, Pest Control Berkshire eradicates an infestation cost effectively, efficiently and discreetly. Unmarked vehicles and uniforms mean that neighbouring premises owners won’t be alerted to their purpose.

Please don’t feel ashamed or worried about contacting a pest control near me firm. Pests are an inevitable part of life and they only need a small hole, a door left ajar, the slightest temptation or opportunity to enter a property.

Never ignore an issue. It is the property owner’s legal obligation to ensure that a pest issue does not spread to adjacent properties under the 1949 Prevention of Damage by Pest Act. (PDPA.) Local authorities vary in the level of assistance they give but this offers no excuse for inaction or procrastination.


The BBC estimates that there are approximately 15 million rats in the UK and the probability of some of these making your property their home for the cold months and into the breeding season steadily increases as the population continues to.

The Brown Rat, also called the Common Rat and Norway Rat, is the most common species in the UK. They measure 20-25cm without the tail and they can weigh around half a kilo. The tail is shorter than the body, they have hair covered ears and their noses are flat.

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Rats are loyal and intelligent creatures, their senses of hearing, touch and taste are outstanding. They take approximately 12 weeks to mature, ready to breed.

Please do not invest in over the counter rat infestation treatments, Super-rats are rats which can consume many DIY treatment poisons without any ill effects; you must secure professional advice and under licence treatments from pest control Reading firms to enjoy successful eradication.


Woodworm are various species of wood boring beetles.

They ensconce themselves in timber beams, joists or furniture as larvae and develop in to pupa and adult beetles over 2-5 years. Woodworm often appear in the autumn and winter as dampness and variable temperatures are prevalent. They eat the cellulose in timber to survive and will remain in the timber for as long as they need to mature or are permitted to, undisturbed.

A professional survey to evaluate the severity of an infestation is imperative. Health and safety risks and structural integrity issues can result from infestations. Professional timber treatments from pest control Reading firms carry 20 to 30 years guarantees.

Winter pest risks remain, pest control Reading operatives are ready to help.

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