Seeking the Help of a Professional Raccoon Removal Company

One problem that homeowners face is the infestation of raccoons in the attics of their homes. Getting rid of these creatures is not an easy task. In fact, it takes a certain approach, which can only be done by a professional raccoon removal company. They apply control methods and make use of specialized tools to catch these furry creatures and take them out of your attic.

If you think there are only one or two raccoons living in your attic, you’ll be surprised to discover that there are usually more. Raccoons are social critters that live in groups, so a group of raccoons finding shelter in one home is not unusual.

Why Raccoons Love Living in Your Home

Raccoons are known to feed on either meat or vegetables because they’re omnivores, and they also scavenge garbage cans where they can find sources of food. Because raccoons are social creatures, they can easily adjust and become comfortable living around humans. Female raccoons also take shelter in your garage, chimneys, under the porch, sheds, and empty buildings where they can build their nest.

Dangers of Having Raccoons in Your Home

They certainly cause damage in your home particularly the opening in the attic and roof tiles. They can destroy your soffits and woodwork, damage insulation and your wiring and duct work. They are also known to go through your yard where you grow fruits and vegetables. They steal food from chicken coops, bird cages, and if they are starving, they even attack house pets.

You can take extra effort in removing raccoons from your home, but it can be quite difficult. You can take safety and control measures though so that you don’t attract more of these critters to your residence. Garbage bags must be placed in secure trash bins with tight lids. Pet food must not be left uncollected after your pet has eaten his meal especially at night when these creatures are more likely to attack. Place a guard on your chimney opening and seal up any gap along the outer area of your attic walls to keep them from gaining entry. If you own a garden, secure it with tall fences.

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You must know that raccoons have legal protection, so you must not carelessly trap and transfer a raccoon to a different location or kill it. Non-lethal traps are acceptable, but can expose you to potential danger such as a raccoon bite and contamination from their waste. Only raccoon removal specialists are licensed to trap and remove them from your home.

The services of a professional raccoon removal expert include the use of specialized trapping equipment, clean-up, decontamination of the area and some companies also include home repairs from damage caused by raccoons. You can schedule an inspection and get a quote. Their rates depend on the severity of the problem and the length of time spent doing the job.

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