What Helix Systems Can Do

A security system can be a valuable addition to any home, but there is a great deal of variation between the different systems. All of them can protect a home, but only a small number of them can connect into a smart home system that enables the owner to adjust their security settings wherever they go. The Helix Alarm system is one of the few that can do exactly that. The system’s connectivity combines with the ease of customizing the system’s layout makes it one of the most versatile security systems available without making it difficult to use.

Smart Connections

The Helix Alarm system is designed to interact with modern smart phones. The system comes with an app that can run on most mobile devices that allows the user to control the system from their phone. All of the system’s settings can be adjusted with this app, and it also provides a way for the owner to monitor their home. The system can stream video from any of its attached security cameras to mobile device, which is useful for both security and keeping an eye on children while their parents are out of the house. Additionally, the system can connect to the home’s lights, thermostat, and locks to help manage every aspect on the home.

Rapid Customization

The Helix system is a hub that is designed to connect to a large number of sensors, so it’s quick and easy for homeowners to install a system that meets their needs. The system can be installed almost anywhere in the home simply by mounting it on the wall. After doing so, it can use the built-in wireless connectivity to communicate with any security device in the home, such as motion detectors and door/window contacts. This system eliminates the need for extensive rewiring in the home, so most people can install their new system and completely cover their house with a minimal amount of work. The security kit comes with several detection units, but more are available for people who want to make sure they have sufficient coverage for a large home. Since the system is modular, homeowners can also simply add more sensors to easily expand coverage after a home improvement project.

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Constant Support

The system’s app makes it easier for homeowners to keep an eye on their system, but there are times when professional support can be useful. The Helix system can connect to the Alarm Relay Central Station, which offers constant monitoring services for a relatively small fee. The station’s average response time in an emergency is less than thirty seconds, which is far faster than most individuals can manage on their own during an emergency situation.

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